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What our firm is about



We offer tailored advice and assistance for people who wish to study, work or live overseas, as well as those wishing to visit for tourism or business purposes.


Visa applications must be made in the correct manner, and are often declined due to incomplete or incorrect application lodgement or supporting documentation. To eliminate the guesswork from visa applications, we use our substantial training and experience to ensure that your case is handled with the utmost care and precision.


We also have a wide range of connections with academic institutions and colleges to ensure that students make the best choice for their course of study and career options. 

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Study in New Zealand

Student Visas                            What can I study


We seek to match talented students with the appropriate course of study in one of New Zealand’s excellent tertiary institutions. Choosing the right course of study is essential, so along with compiling visa application we offer you tailored advice for choosing what and where you study. Our liaisoning with numerous tertiary institutions ensures that you have the best possible options available to you when you make decisions relating to your education. We work with you to plan your pathway to Residency.


IELTS is an essential part of student visa applications, and we offer advice and guidance on IELTS training and preparation, ensuring that our clients have the best possible basis for successful visa applications.


Work in New Zealand

Work Visas


Working in NZ is often the next step for students who have completed their course of study, as well as those with essential skills and experience who wish to bring these skills to the NZ workforce and help fill the demand for workers in specific areas and fields.


As licensed immigration advisers, we are the only professionals who can provide immigration advice on any visa application other than student visas. Using our training and expertise, we handle work visa applications with professionalism and efficiency. Work visa applications fall into a number of categories, and we work with you towards Accredited work visas and other as needed. We use our expertise to assess which category you are eligible to apply under, to ensure the best chances of success for you application.


Life in New Zealand

Residence Visas


NZ has become a highly popular destination in recent years for people from all over the world to improve their quality of life. Moving to NZ to live is a great option for many of these people, by applying for a residence visa. There are multiple  streams for residence, including "Green list" "Straight to Residency" "Skilled Migrant  Category pathway " and others. For those who wish to apply for residence based on their education, work experience and/or a job offer in NZ apply under the Skilled Migrant Category Pathway which opens up in September 2023 which is based on a simple points system.


One can also apply under the Care workforce OR Transport sector Agreements pathway.

We are well qualified in such applications, ensuring that you submit all the appropriate documentation and evidence to ensure that your application is successful. Residence applications must be made with the utmost care and consideration, and we handle these applications with utmost efficiency and care.


Mt. Ruapehu

Visitor Visas


NZ has long been considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and this leads to a high volume of tourists and visitors gracing our shores each year.


For a visitor visa application to be successful, Immigration New Zealand is particularly interested in ensuring that the applicant is bona fide or genuine. We take care to ensure that the visitor visa applications we compile are handled with a focus on detail and accuracy of content, so that all our clients wishing to visit NZ are not disappointed.


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