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Student Visas


New Zealand has an excellent education industry with high quality tertiary                        

institutions and industry focused teaching. When coming to NZ to study, there 

are a lot of important decisions to make, the most important of which is 

deciding what to study and where. 


At Impact Immigration Advice, we provide a full service, from choosing a course

straight through to facilitating admission and lodging the student visa application

itself. We provide detailed advice and support to ensure that students coming to 

NZ know exactly what to expect and what challenges they may face. We believe

in being straightforward with our clients, ensuring that they feel supported and

well informed throughout the application process and during their course of study. 


We also have an extremely competitive fee structure, to ensure that our 

clients get the most value for the money they invest in their education and 

their future. For many courses, we don’t charge a fee for application, other the 

tuition and government fees. For the courses where we do charge a fee, it is 

very affordable, ensuring that students are not put under unnecessary 

financial pressure. 



Visitor Visa


Whether it’s an adventurous adrenaline packed holiday you’re interested in, or 

a chilled out and relaxing visit to family and friends, NZ is the place! Visitor 

visas may sound easy enough to handle on your own, but there are a lot of 

aspects that are better handled by a professional adviser. For visitor visas as 

with all temporary entry applications, INZ has to be convinced that an 

applicant is genuine or ‘bona fide’. We do visitor visa applications with as 

much care and efficiency as all other applications, ensuring that you get the 

best possible outcome for the smallest possible fee! 


Dependent Child Category. 


We have a great deal of skill and knowledge for those wishing to apply for 

residence under the Skilled Migrant Category. From choosing which and how 

many points to claim, to compiling an application that is accurate, and well 

presented, as well as advocating for clients with INZ and ensuring that there 

are no complications and issues along the way. We are totally clued up on all 

aspects of the SMC, and can make sure you get in with the best possible 

chance of success. 



Business Visas


Want to invest in NZ, start up a new business or purchase and run an existing 


one? Talk to us about how we can help you! 


We will suggest the best possible option for you under the Business 


instructions, ensuring that you make the right choices as to where and how 


much to invest. We can help you with your application, as well as presenting 


the most beneficial supporting documentation and evidence, including doing 


an excellent business plan, market research and spot-on accounting and 


financial advice. If its business you’re interested in, give us a call and let us 


make the process as easy as 1-2-3! 





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Work Visa


Working in NZ is becoming an increasingly popular choice, as the workforce is highly diverse and offers opportunities for a wide range of skills and talents. 

We provide advice for all types of work visa application, including Graduate job Search, Graduate Work Experience, Essential Skills, Talent and Partnership. We offer recruitment advice and job search tips for new graduates looking for work after completing their study, as well as labour market checks for Essentials Skills applicants. We also handle applications for extending existing work visas. 


Our fee for work visas varies from case to case; depending on how much work is involved with the application. We assure our clients that whatever fee we charge is highly competitive, and we only charge for the services we provide, which includes not only compiling and lodging applications, but handling all correspondence with INZ regarding applications, and advocating 

on our clients’ behalf. 


Resident Visas


NZ is an excellent choice for starting a new life and starting the journey towards a brighter future. With its excellent infrastructure, healthcare, education and standard of living, moving to NZ is becoming highly appealing to people from around the world. 


Impact Immigration Advice offers advice and support in all streams of the New Zealand Residence Program. This includes the Family stream, under which 


fall the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Parent Categories, Partnership Category and 

Section 61 requests


If you’ve become unlawful, or had an exceptional set of circumstances, we 


can help you regularise your immigration status and keep your from 


deportation or prohibition. 


Get in touch with us today, as these things are highly time sensitive, and we’ll 


see what we can do to make sure that you can get on with your life and get 


back on track in terms of work or study. Section 61 requests are all about 


advocacy, and presenting situations and circumstances in the most 


comprehensive and professional manner to ensure that INZ understands our 


clients’ individual situations. 

Refugee and Protection services


If you think you might be eligible to claim refugee status, due to facing 


persecution in your home country, come see us and we can see how we can 


help you. From getting your visas sorted, to providing settlement advice and 


help with getting your life on track, Impact immigration Advice can help those 


who need it the most.

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