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Jul 16, 2020

Your Visa status in NZ if you were in on the 10th July

If you were in New Zealand on 10 July and you hold an employer-assisted work visa, due to expire before 31st Dec 2020... read more

Jul 06, 2020

Short term changes to Visas

The Government has made short term changes to Temporary work visas  read more

Jun 01, 2020

Immigration category's planned return scuttled by Covid-19

After a wait of more than three years for a government decision on family migration, grandparents had a glimmer of hope - before the Covid-19 coronavirus snuffed it out again...More

May 25, 2020

Travel Ban for offshore NZ Residents

The border is currently closed to all but NZ citizens and residents, but travellers coming here for the first time on their residents visa will also be banned. more

May 13, 2020

Latest Update- May 14th

This includes an update for all, which includes, Onshore- offshore. Students, Temp Visa holders and Residency applications...Read more

Apr 03, 2020

Here is a link to the official COVID -19 Website

This is the site for NZ journey through these tumultuous times

Apr 02, 2020

Student visa holders COVID-19 information

Holders of a work, student, visitor, limited or interim visa with an expiry date of 2 April to 9 July 2020 inclusive who were in New Zealand on 2 April 2020 will have their visas automatically extended to 25 September 2020. Confirmation of extensions will be emailed to all visa more

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