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Travelling to a new place can be daunting. Here's a few bits and pieces that will help.


Relocating to a new country, to study, work, live or do business, is no small task. There are a multitude of factors that you'll need to consider, a variety of requirements you'll need to meet, and numerous decisions you'll have to make along the way. Whether its finding out about New Zealand, or getting yourself equipped to meet the needs of the NZ job market, here are a few things to consider and explore. 

Want to know more about the Education system...

New Zealand’s education system is world-class, modern and responsive. It combines proven, traditional principles with innovation, creativity and fresh thinking to produce leaders and citizens equipped for the 21st century.


Education in New Zealand is student-centred. It is focused on supporting students to problem-solve, process information, work with others, create and innovate. Each student is able to develop their potential along a number of possible pathways, academic and/or vocational.



Struggle with English & IELTS? Learn from the best...

If you are reading this, you definitely know the language. But is that enough to meet the grades that you need to score towards a new future? Ieltstestonline is a premier website created by Industry professionals with more than 20 years of IELTS training experience.



Moving here soon? Find important links about what you need to make it easier...
Immigration Agents
Looking for a job opportunity?

The longest journey always starts with the first step. Your first step could be deciding to move to New Zealand or looking for a job opportunity. Here are a few links which will help you not only look for jobs but will also guide you in how to create a CV or face an interview


Seek a job on New Zealand's largest website


Trademe is another site for jobs


Careers is a site which will help guide and list jobs

Compare different visas??




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