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FAQ's :Immigration policy changes for migrant employees

INZ , announced a raft of changes earlier this week, which would affect thousands of aspiring and current migrants in New Zealand.

  1. What are the biggest changes to New Zealand's immigration policies that might affect me? The major changes involve the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV), commonly used for lower-skilled roles (ANZSCO 4 & 5). The process is stricter now, with requirements for

  • English language skills,

  • minimum work experience, and

  • employer engagement with Work and Income.

  1. Can I still come to New Zealand for lower-skilled work (ANZSCO 4 & 5)? Yes, but there are additional hurdles. You'll likely need to demonstrate

    1. good English language skills and

    2. relevant work experience.

    3. Employers will also need to show they tried recruiting New Zealanders first.

  2. What if I already have a job offer in New Zealand? That's a great start! Confirm if the employer is accredited for AEWV and understands the new requirements. Ensure you meet the qualifications for the role, including any English language standards.

  3. I don't have a job offer yet. How do I find work under the new system? Focus on industries and roles on the New Zealand Immigration Green List (especially Tier 1). These are in high demand and may have easier pathways to residency. Research job boards and connect with recruitment agencies specializing in placing migrants.

  4. How will the minimum work experience requirement impact me? You'll typically need to show at least three years of experience in a role relevant to the job you're applying for in New Zealand. OR Qualifications comparable to a New Zealand Level 4 qualification may also be considered.

  5. What are the new English language requirements for the AEWV? Immigration New Zealand will specify the minimum English standard required. Ensure you meet this standard before applying for an AEWV for an ANZSCO 4 or 5 position. (Currently at level 4 for ANZSCO level 4 or 5)

  6. What if I don't have the required work experience for an AEWV? Obtaining a visa for lower-skilled roles might be tougher. Explore opportunities for upskilling or consider higher-skilled roles on the Green List that align with your qualifications.

  7. Are there fewer pathways to residency under the new policies? There are reductions in some categories, which have been removed under the new policy.The pathways to residency still exist, but the focus might shift towards higher-skilled roles and occupations on the Green List. Explore your options and consider upskilling to enhance your chances.

Talk to us for more details and let us work with you to make your journey succesful

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