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INZ is offering a refund , are you eligible ??

As part of their 2021 Resident Visa (RV21) application, we mistakenly asked some people for new medical certificates, health screenings, and chest X-rays.

This happened for a short time in 2022. The checks were not necessary as we had valid medical documents from previous applications.

Those affected can be reimbursed the cost of the certificates, screenings, and X-rays by submitting a request using the Reimbursement Request form for medical certificates from our website.

Affected applicants will have until 30 September 2023 to put in a request and will need to provide evidence of payment such as a:

  • receipt from their medical practice,

  • letter or email of confirmation from the medical practice, or

  • copy of the bank statement showing the relevant transactions.

Here is the link

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