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Pathways to Residency

We did talk about starting a series of posts , which will talk about your pathways to Residency to NZ. Migrating to another country for work, stay, or play involves a variety of considerations and steps.

Migrating to another country for work, stay, or play involves a variety of considerations and steps.You may be in the process of planning this move , or maybe already here in New Zealand. Currently as per Immigration New Zealand one has a variety of options to choose from, obviously this would necessitate some work to see which is "Best Fit" for you in your circumstances . Here is the list, with a few of them yet to start at the time of writing this blog in no particular order,

  1. Straight to Residency Visa

  2. Work to Residency Visa

  3. Transport work to Residency visa

  4. Care workforce to Residency visa

  5. Skilled migrant category pathway

  6. Partner of a New Zealander Resident visa

  7. Parent resident visa

  8. Parent Retirement Resident visa

  9. Work to Residence Visa

  10. Religious Worker Resident Visa

  11. Active Investor plus Visa

  12. Employees of relocating Business resident visa

  13. Samoan quota resident visa

  14. Pacific Access category resident visa

The above is not a complete list , but the aim is to highlight the most common ones which may impact most of us every day

Straight to Residency Visa

One can apply for this visa if you work for an accredited employer OR if you have a job offer from one and your role is on Tier 1 of the Green List.

What's the Green List ?

The Green List contains a small number of highly skilled roles that have been identified as being in high demand globally and in ongoing shortage in New Zealand. These roles will have ,

  • Registration,- Is your job registered ?

  • Qualification or Your qualifications, will have to be from NZ, Recognised from another country , or you would have done an IQA (Qualification assessment )

  • Experience requirements.

The Green List will make it easier for employers to hire and attract migrants for specified high skilled, hard-to-fill occupations, with guaranteed residence pathways for eligible people. Employers won’t need to provide proof of advertising for these occupations when progressing an accredited employer work visa job check application.

Eligible migrants working in these occupations will have clear pathways to residence, either through a direct to residence application or after working for in New Zealand depending on the role. Their partners will have open work rights. Both residence pathways will be limited to migrants 55 years or younger which is aligned with the Skilled Migrant Category requirements.

Among others, you will be assessed on the following,

  • Type of job offer- do you meet the criteria?

  • English language requirements would have to be met

The Green List is about making it easier to attract globally in-demand workers, but it is not the only pathway to residence available. Are you keen to know more- or do you think you are ready to take the next step. Call us /Email us and we can work together

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