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Permanent Resident Visa applications moving online

Immigration New Zealand recently announced changes to how one can process Permanent Resident Visa General (PRV), Second or Subsequent Resident Visa and Variation of Travel Conditions of a Resident Visa applications . These will move to the enhanced Immigration Online system at the end of January 2024. 

This is one step that they are taking to prepare for a significant increase in the number of PRV applications next year, due to the number of 2021 Resident Visa applicants who will be eligible to apply.

By moving applications into the enhanced Immigration Online system, they would reduce the need for applicants to send physical documents, like passports and forms. This will help them process applications quickly and applicants will be able to track the progress of their application online.

Please note that more specific permanent resident visa products, such as the Global Impact Permanent Resident Visa and the Afghan Emergency Resettlement Permanent Resident Visa, are not being moved to the enhanced Immigration Online system at this time and should continue to be applied for using the paper form.  

Here is another update which concerns family and dependants,

Including secondary applicants in PRV application

Currently the enhanced Immigration Online system does not allow secondary applicants to be added after an application has been submitted. In some instances, secondary applicants for 2021 Resident Visas were not included when the application was submitted. Applicants were then advised to upload a cover letter to their application to request their partners and/or dependent children be included.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) acknowledges that, in a small number of cases, the request was overlooked and principal applicants were granted residence visas without their partners and/or dependent children included. Therefore, their PRV eligibility is later than the principal applicant. So if you are one of those who is affected or fall into this category, then ....

Please apply as a Family group when the principal applicant is eligible. Please include a cover letter explaining that secondary applicants on their application were affected.

INZ will then consider granting a PRV as an exception to immigration instructions.

For Further details or if you need our help , please talk to us.

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