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The much vaunted simplified Skilled Migrant system is almost here...

The new 6 point "Skilled Migrant Category" (SMC) opens up from the 9th October. Are you ready,

  • Do you know what you need?

  • Are you aware of all the nuances?

  • Are your qualifications recognised ?

  • Do you have a NZ gained qualification ?

  • etc. etc

Come talk to us and lets work together towards your planning and pathway to a Residency in New Zealand.

From 9 October 2023, you will need 6 points to apply for an SMC Resident Visa. You can claim points from your New Zealand occupational registration, qualification (as long as it is a Bachelor’s degree or higher) or from your income.

You must have a skilled job or job offer in New Zealand to apply. Most people will need to spend time working in New Zealand before they can apply for residence. What this means is that your overseas experience will not count at all towards this pathway.

Further, under this new system and pathway, there is no quotas or finite numbers of people who will be selected each year or period.There will be no cap on the number of people who can gain residence if one meets the skills threshold. The simpler pathway also mean that you can expect faster decision times where they provide complete information to Immigration New Zealand. (Hope this is maintained and, please do not hold us responsible )

There will be a new system for processing applications ? This means that priority will be given to SMC applicants with 6 points without work experience and their files will move faster.

Here is a recap , just in case needed

You can claim 3 to 6 points from your:

  • New Zealand occupational registration or

  • qualification (Bachelor’s degree or higher), or

  • income from your job or job offer (earning at least 1.5 times the median wage in New Zealand).

You can only claim points from one of the above skill indicators. You cannot combine points from multiple skill indicators. For example you cannot combine points from your qualification with points from your New Zealand occupational registration.

You can also claim 1 point for each year of skilled work in New Zealand, up to a maximum of 3 points.

The points you claim from skilled work in New Zealand can be combined with points from your New Zealand occupational registration, qualification or income.

Keen to know more, why don't you call us or email us or Message for a initial consult and we will give you the support you need to fulfil your dreams here in New Zealand

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