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Did you miss out on sending out your EOI for your parents Residency. There is some great news ......

Did you miss out on sending out your EOI for your parents Residency. There is good news as per Immigration New Zealand (INZ)

Additional Parent Category selection for September We are aware some of you did not know they needed to submit their Parent Category expression of interest (EOI) before 1 August 2023, to be considered for the 8 August ballot. Immigration New Zealand has decided to run an additional Parent Category ballot in September. There will be 100 EOIs selected from the ballot pool in this draw.

Applicants who wish to have their EOI considered for the September draw must submit their EOI by 31 August 2023.

The additional September ballot ensures those who submitted their EOIs before 1 August will not be disadvantaged in this month’s ballot, while those who did not submit their EOI before this date have an additional chance to be selected in September.

INZ acknowledges that the 1 August deadline for the Parent Category EOI ballot was not communicated as clearly as it could have been and apologise for any confusion this may have caused.

Alongside this one-off September draw, Parent Category selections will continue every three months (November, February, May, August). EOIs must be submitted before the 1st day of the selection month to be considered for that month’s ballot. To be considered for the November draw, submit an EOI on or before 31 October.

Talk to us today about submitting an EOI for you. and get into the next draw as soon as possible. We are currently offering a special for getting into this as well. Talk to us today

Unsure if you qualify- Look for our earlier post here on an earlier date.

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