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Median wages Increase

The median wage is the minimum pay threshold for most jobs under the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) which means visa applications submitted from 27 February 2023 will need to meet the new thresholds.

I hear most people say that's amazing and I almost hear the pleasure in your voice. Spare a thought and moment for the small businesses and the increases for them. This also means that the cost of living will go up as well. Someone has to pay for it right ? This can actually lead to 2 things in my view,

  • Firstly it would dry up the basic pool of jobs for migrant workers who want to make a start somewhere and create a wonderful life in the land of white clouds. Which could also mean that the business will close down and the economy would suffer. Its a cost that someone has to pay

  • We are currently living in inflationary times, and it could mean that the costs will rise further and will cascade. The Government probably wants to use this process to decrease flow of migrant workers to work in semi skilled roles, and get only highly skilled roles filled in (one could go on)

For job checks that have already been approved

For the AEWV, migrants must meet the wage threshold in place at the time they apply for their visa – this may be higher than the pay range approved in the job check.

If the pay range approved in the job check is below the new wage threshold, the job check can still be used to support a visa application — the employer does not need to advertise again or submit a new job check — but the applicant will need to be paid at the new threshold.

For new job checks submitted from 27 February 2023

Any advertising submitted for new job checks will need to reflect the new wage threshold, even if it was completed before the wage threshold increased. This may mean that employers need to advertise again at a higher rate before submitting their job check.

Residence visas

Residence visa categories and pathways with median wage-related criteria will also be updated. This includes the Green List and Highly Paid pathways, and the Skilled Migrant Category.

The income thresholds for sponsors in the Parent Category will be updated before the May 2023 EOI Parent category selection

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