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Navigating the Immigration Interview: Insights and tips for Success

Embarking on an immigration journey is an exciting yet complex process, and a crucial step in this process is the Immigration Interview. Whether you're pursuing a Student visa, work visa, Partnership or permanent residency, the interview plays a important role in determining your eligibility and understanding your intentions. This can also be stressful and nerve wracking to the best of us. In this article, we'll explore key insights and offer tips to help you navigate the immigration interview with confidence.

Why is this taking place ?

The interview or verification process is being done to assess the authenticity or the truth and check the Facts which have been provided in your application . This helps Immigration verify the facts - first hand and ensures that you meet the criteria. It may also give the opportunity for the official to take a deeper dive to check or ascertain your motives , background in your home country and your future plans.

When will this take place?

Interviews can happen either at a pre-determined team or can happen quite spontaneously , or at an odd hour. Don't Panic !! You could be driving , in a Bus or at work or it could even be a bad connection. Stay in control, and ask to be called back if needed, since its a wrong time, and ask for time , which will help you be a better frame of mind and place.

How to prepare ?

  1. Preparation is Key:

  • Review all documentation submitted with your application.

  • Familiarise yourself with the visa category requirements.

  • Understand the cultural and legal context of New Zealand or the country that you are going to.

  1. Know Your Story:

  • The Immigration officer is asking you- about yourself. Take a deep breath

  • Talk about your personal and professional journey clearly

  • Be ready to discuss your reasons for immigration and future plans.

  • You can always refer to notes or documents if needed

  1. Stay Calm and Confident:

  • Nervousness is normal, but stay calm and confident

  • Practice relaxation techniques to manage anxiety.(Breathe in Breathe out)

  1. Honesty is the Best Policy:

  • Be truthful and transparent about your background and circumstances. (who knows it better ). This is the best policy and will see you through

  • Address any changes in your situation since submitting the application.

  • Try and be specific to what is being asked , do not give long stretchy answers

  1. Cultural Awareness:

  • Be respectful and you should get a respectful response

  • Understand cultural differences , especially if the interview involves communication in a language other than your first language. Hindi/Afrikaans/Mandarin etc

  • Demonstrate respect for the local culture.

  1. Ask for Clarification:

  • If a question is unclear, don't hesitate to seek clarification. Ask to repeat if needed OR if you still do not understand ask to clarify (maybe its the accent) or maybe you do not understand the question

  • Ensure you understand each question before responding. (Important)

  1. Follow-Up Promptly:

  • If additional documents or information are requested, respond promptly.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to the immigration process.

What next?

Ask what happens next and if he/she has more questions. Look at the tips below

  • You can also ask politely if you can record the interview , if you are on a speaker phone.

  • Ask if you can have your Licensed Immigration adviser present for support .


Remember each interview is different and experience may vary between you and your friend or family.The immigration interview is an essential step towards helping you realise your dreams of living and working in a new country.

By thoroughly preparing, staying honest, and presenting yourself confidently, you increase your chances of a successful outcome. Further with proper preparation and a positive mindset, you can navigate the process successfully.

Good luck on your immigration journey, and may your interview be a stepping stone toward a new and fulfilling chapter in your life! Talk to us in case you have any questions and need help succeed.

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