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Straight to Residency

This almost reminded me of "Stairway to Heaven". This pathway is almost similar as well . New Zealand is a paradise in itself.

This pathway is for those , who have a role on Tier 1 of the Green list (Look at our earlier post). You also need to ,

  • Be working for an Accredited employer or

  • Have a job offer from one as well.

If you are eligible you can apply for this visa now. You can either come to New Zealand on a work visa and apply or apply from overseas.

So what's the Tier 1 of Green list, simply speaking its a list of jobs which will be in high demand , on the basis of qualifications . Most common jobs featuring this would include,

  • Business professionals

  • Construction

  • Engineering

  • Health and Social services

  • ICT, Electronics & Telecommunications

Then one would need to satisfy the criteria which would be required to be met , under each of these "jobs" . For example,

  • If you are a midwife- then you would need to be registered with the Midwifery council

  • If you are ICT, & a "Project Manager" - then your salary must be above $61.69 per hour, or its annual equivalent

  • If you are a Civil Engineer, then you will have to have one of the following,

  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil Engineering) (NZQF Level 7). OR

  • A diploma at NZQF Level 6, or a higher qualification, with the minimum equivalent of 240 credits, which includes the knowledge requirements of the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Civil) (Level 6). OR

  • A Washington Accord or Sydney Accord accredited undergraduate (initial) engineering degree in Civil Engineering (listed - see Note 2). OR

  • A qualification at NZQF Level 7 or higher, with a letter from Engineering New Zealand certifying that the degree and any further learning meet the benchmark requirements towards Chartered Professional Engineer status in New Zealand. OR

  • NZ registration in the field of Civil Engineering as a Chartered Professional Engineer or as an Engineering Technologist by Engineering New Zealand

There are some criteria which allow contractors to apply for this pathway as well.

Keen to know more. talk to us today, or email us

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