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Whats happened in the Immigration world of New Zealand in the last few months

27 FEBRUARY 2024 An independent external review into the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) has been released by the Public Service Commission. The review makes four main findings, which are listed on our website, as well as ten specific recommendations. MBIE accepts the findings and recommendations of the review. The review is published on the Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission website.

22 FEBRUARY 2024Wage thresholds for the ,

  • Skilled Migrant Category,

  • the Green List Straight to Residence and

  • Work to Residence visas, and the Parent Category residence class visa will increase in line with the median wage (NZD$31.61 an hour) on 28 February 2024.

The wage threshold for the Transport Sector Work to Residence Visa will also increase in line with the new median wage (excluding bus drivers). This increase does not apply to the AEWV, which the Government signalled in December will remain at the current rate of NZD$29.66 an hour. All sector agreements and exemptions to the median wage will also remain in place with current wage rates until further decisions are taken on the use of the median wage under the AEWV. The expiry of the tourism and hospitality wage exemption and the transport sector agreement have been delayed.

19 FEBRUARY 2024As at 16 February 2024 INZ has approved 108,938 AEWV applications, and 32,775 employer accreditation applications. Post-accreditation checks can occur at any time. As at 16 February 2024, INZ has undertaken 2,712 post-accreditation checks and an additional 596 are underway. We aim to check about 16% of accredited employers each year. The 16% of post accreditation checks we undertake is a combination of random selection and targeted checks on a sample of all accredited employer types in addition to checks on all franchisee and controlling third parties that may have been referred

15 FEBRUARY 2024 › Immigration New Zealand has improved the process for deciding student visa applications by giving our staff more efficient assessment tools and letter templates. This means we can process student visa applications faster, and let applicants know the outcome of their application sooner. › While managing this higher volume, we've also seen an increase in complex applications needing more time. To ensure your application can be assessed in a timely manner, please ensure your application includes all necessary information.

14 FEBRUARY 2024 › Senior Investigator Helen Garratt says immigration scams are nothing new but with the rise of social media including apps like WhatsApp it is easy for people to get pulled into a scam. INZ’s advice for people who wish to work in New Zealand is to apply through approved pathways rather than via third party agents using apps. Any person providing New Zealand immigration advice, anywhere in the world, must be licensed by the IAA or be exempt. The "Guide to licensed immigration advisers" has more information and is available in multiple languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Chinese, Korean, Samoan, Tongan and Taglish.

12 FEBRUARY 2024 › The Government funded Migrant Exploitation Protection Visa Short-term Support Package providing temporary financial relief to exploited migrant workers is coming to the end of its approved term. The Support Package is due to end on 18 March 2024, after which there will be no further financial support available from INZ or through the third-party provider New Settlers Family and Community Trust (NFACT). › MEPV holders will still be able to work in New Zealand if their MEPV remains valid. MEPV holders who are currently receiving the Short-term Support Package have been contacted directly by us and given another reminder about the coming end to the Short-Term Support Package.

7 FEBRUARY 2024 › Parent Resident Visa selections were recommenced after 10 October 2022. Since then, a maximum of 2000 visas per year are approved through a ballot of expressions of interest (EOI) drawn from those who submitted prior to the 10 October date. The EOIs are selected in date order with the oldest selected first. › In addition, a further 500 visas per year can be granted to people who submitted after the 10 October date and these are drawn randomly. Data on the draws between October 2022 and February 2024 is now available.

25 JANUARY 2024 › The 2024 reopening dates for capped Working Holiday Schemes (WHS) have now been confirmed. This table outlines the date each scheme will open, as well as how many places are available in each scheme for 2024. Once each scheme opens, applications will be open until the quota is filled. Once the quota is filled, the scheme will close until 2025.

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